Launching Febrauary 14th, Valentine's Day!

Launching Febrauary 14th, Valentine's Day!

Here at Shelly's Lollies are so excited to launch our website, this Valentine's Day, February 14th!  

After a lot of work behind the scenes like sourcing flavor oils, finalizing packaging options, solidifying our pricing, and test marketing our lollipops and hard candy at flea markets and farmers markets, it was time to launch. Thank you to our friends, family, and everyone in between for being taste testing, telling their friends, their facebook likes, and being some of the very first customers to purchase our wonderful treats.  It was because of you we are finally ready to share our brand and products with the world. 

The launch of this website is our way to showcase our, all of our products, unique collections, and share some of our stories including the faces of our happy customers. Each product, including collections, have been created using simple ingredients, high quality materials, and designed exclusively with feedback from all of our early adopters. This is only the beginning as additional flavors will be added to our shop on a weekly basis, seasonal products will be added, and strive to create more unique products as we get bigger and better.

Simply put, thanks a million to everyone who has supported us on our journey up through today and even more so as we move forward to tomorrow.  Stay updated on our upcoming news and events here by signing up for our informative emails and hope you will follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we are sharing news about physical events we will be selling at, new product announcements, and even announcements about which shops have started carrying our products too.  So what are you waiting for?  Let's start browsing!

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Photo Gallery of happy customers