About us

Our Mission...

is to keep the legacy of making and enjoying homemade lollipops and hard candies alive. What sets us apart is that we use simple ingredients along with traditional flavors that young ones love but also offer more fun, modern flavor combinations the young at heart can enjoy too.  

Origin Story...

Picture it...

Year after year a grade school aged little girl loved going to a local, annual outdoor craft show with her mom in her hometown.  Each year she visited a balloon lady, shared funnel cake with her mom, shopped, and always stopped to see the “the lollipop man”. He demonstrated making old fashioned lollipops and sold them as soon as they were ready to be eaten.  Blueberry with a Pac-man shaped lollipop with candy eyes was her favorite.  They were the best lollipops she had ever tasted.

For years she enjoyed those lollipops remembering the pretty colors and designs and how they tasted sooo good. 

One day that little girl grew up. The COVID-19 pandemic hit and one day during the summer of 2020 that girl went through her grandmothers old recipes and found one on how to make lollipops.  Memories of "the lollipop man" flooded back wondering what ever happened to the lollipop man and his delicious creations?

Because of that, she was motivated to try the recipe.  Learning how to work sugar at different temperatures and experimenting with different candy flavorings in hopes to make lollipops and hard candy just like “the lollipop man” was not easy.

However, after several months of trial and error the results were beyond her expectations -  they tasted just like lollipops from her childhood!

Because of that she ended up making so many she couldn’t eat them all and started giving them away to friends and family where they asked how can they buy them for their friends and family.

Until finally that little girl, named Shelly, decided to sell her candy at local flea markets and farmers markets calling her business Shelly's Lollies, her own brand of lollipops and hard candies to share with the rest of the world. 

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